Sunday, February 26, 2017


Click on the above links for Perennials & Bulbs, Shrubs, Trees or Vines & Climbers for detailed information on each plant in the Wet Garden.

The Wet Garden is situated on the east side of the Dane County UW Extension office building.  Much of the garden has poorly draining clay soil resulting in a wet stretch of ground from the stone path near the foundation up to the sidewalk.  Areas that are less “wet” are found near the foundation and along the south side of the bed.  Wet tolerant plants found in this garden include, astilbe, iris, bald cypress, black gum, hibiscus, Japanese burnet, Joe Pye Weed, milkweed, Queen of the Prairie, spiderwort, turtlehead, willow, etc.  Due to the wet nature of this garden area, watering requirements are minimal.

Joan Boll has served as the Adopt-a-Garden Team Leader for the Wet Garden since 2016.  Team Members in 2017 include:

Janet Aaberg 1st Year
Nancy Dodge 1st Year
Joyce Pohl 1st Year
Teresa Pratt 1st Year